Al-Jalamid Phosphate Mine

The inaugural debut of large scale mining inside Saudi Arabia was introduced by Saudi Comedat Company Limited at the Ma’aden Phosphate Company’s Al-Jalamid Phosphate project. This green field project encompasses, mining, processing and transportation of phosphate concentrate to the processing facility located at Raz Az Zawr where it is refined into ammonia, sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid and diammonium phosphate.The mining area is 50 sq. km with a known reserve of 534 million metric tons of Rock Phosphate

Given the scale and complexity of starting a green field project of this size, Saudi Comedat Company Ltd. was engaged by Ma’aden in 2007 on an 8 year contract to develop the mining infrastructure and undertake the mining services for the project. After the successful completion of the infrastructure mining commenced in 2009 on time as planned.

Today Saudi Comedat has expanded its fleet capacity to meet the ever growing demands of the beneficiation plant at Al-Jalamid and as of now we have the capacity to deliver in excess of 36 million tons of overburden and phosphate per annum.

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